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In the survey, all respondents were asked to evaluate performance of airport departments. Respondents' residence addresses and their final destinations were also an essential information of the quiz. This information helps to monitor preferences and needs of passengers in order to systematically improve quality of services and gain a positive effect on route system development.

Most of the interviewees were satisfied with the quality of the airport services performed. The vast majority of respondents are local residents of Luhansk and Donetsk region. The most widespread aims of flights are business trip and tourism.Almost half of the surveyed travelers takes at least 1 -5 flights per year, more than 10 percent flight 11 -20 times annually

From the 26th of May an anti-terrorist operation is being carried on the territory of Donetsk airport
Donetsk airport has been temporarily suspended. An up to date information regarding the status of flights is available on the official website Online Timetable.
An additional tool of passenger feedback was provided in International Airport Donetsk S.S. Prokofiev
Donetsk Sergey Prokofiev International Airport resumes operation of domestic and international flights
By order of the State Aviation Authority of Ukraine acceptance arrival and departure of all aircraft from Donetsk airport has been temporarily suspended